Irving, Texas
Capital Goods

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Rating - Caution
Medium Risk


Caterpillar does not provide viewpoint protections for its employees. However, it has not publicly terminated business relationships based on views or beliefs. Caterpillar discriminates against religious organizations in its charitable giving. The company is a signatory of the Business Roundtable's 2019 Statement on the Purpose of Corporation, which promotes stakeholder capitalism. Caterpillar pledged $1 million to BLM and related causes and supported Planned Parenthood in 2019. However, it has not used its political contributions for ideological purposes. For these reasons, Caterpillar receives a Medium Risk rating.

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Board Bias

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CEO of Caterpillar

D. James Umpleby III

D. James Umpleby III


Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Caterpillar is a member of the Fortune 250 operating in the Capital Goods industry. D. James Umpleby III and D. James Umpleby III serve as CEO/President and Chairman, respectively, leading the company’s C-suite executive team and the board of directors. Amongst these teams, the collective leadership is responsible for $260,430 to Republican causes and $66,100 to Democratic causes. Under their tenure, Caterpillar currently holds a 'Medium Risk' risk rating.

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Shareholder Proposals

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ESG Category
Summary of ResolutionMgmt RecTotal Vote % in Favor
6/12/24GovernanceJohn CheveddenIndependent Board ChairmanAgainstN/A
6/12/24GovernanceMyra K. YoungLobbying DisclosureAgainstN/A
6/12/24GovernanceNational Center for Public Policy ResearchDirector Board ServiceAgainstN/A
6/14/23GovernanceMyra K. YoungProvide Disclosure on Direct and Indirect LobbyingAgainst28.90%
6/14/23EnvironmentalJohn CheveddenReport on how Caterpillar Lobbying and Policy Activities Align with the Goal of the Paris AgreementAgainst28.10%
6/14/23SocialWespath Benefits and InvestmentsReport on Business Activities in Conflict-Affected and High-Risk AreasAgainst14.18%
6/14/23SocialNational Center for Public Policy ResearchAudit Analyzing the Impacts of the Company's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion PoliciesAgainst1.70%
6/8/22EnvironmentalAs You SowReport on Long-Term Greenhouse Gas Targets Aligned with Paris AgreementAgainst95.50%
6/8/22SocialMyra K. YoungReport on LobbyingAgainst44.28%
6/8/22GovernanceJohn CheveddenSpecial Meetings - Reduce Ownership Req. to 10%Against43.22%
6/8/22SocialWespath Benefits & InvestmentsReport on Activities in Conflict-Affected AreasAgainst10.37%
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