Lakeland, Florida
Food and Staples Retailing

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In 2021, Publix, an American supermarket chain, settled a lawsuit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) after it did not accommodate an employee's request to wear dreadlocks, and he chose to quit before his first day. Publix has since amended its grooming policy to allow for religious exemptions, though the company never admitted wrongdoing in the suit. Otherwise, Publix has not publicly terminated business relationships based on views or beliefs. The company does not provide viewpoint protections for its employees. Publix has pledged $1 million to BLM and related causes. However, it has not used its corporate reputation or political contributions for ideological purposes. For these reasons, Publix receives a Lower Risk rating.

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CEO of Publix

Randall Todd Jones

Randall Todd Jones


Headquartered in Lakeland, Florida, Publix is a member of the Fortune 250 operating in the Food and Staples Retailing industry. Randall Todd Jones and William Edin Crenshaw serve as CEO/President and Chairman, respectively, leading the company’s C-suite executive team and the board of directors. Amongst these teams, the collective leadership is responsible for $1,850 to Republican causes and $400 to Democratic causes. Under their tenure, Publix currently holds a 'Lower Risk' risk rating.

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