Yum! Brands

Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC
Food Beverage and Tobacco

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Yum! Brands is a fast food conglomerate that owns various chain restaurants, including Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. Yum! Brands does not provide viewpoint protections for its employees but has not publicly terminated business relationships based on views or beliefs. By complying with Human Rights Campaign’s controversial demands, Yum! Brands increases the risk of dividing employees, alienating customers and harming shareholders. The company covers transgender-related medical costs for its employees and their children. It also uses sex and gender ideology criteria in employee recruitment, vendor selection, marketing, and philanthropic support. Yum! Brands has signed a pledge to implement more racially-focused hiring practices and signed a CEO Action pledge. Pizza Hut has sponsored an event endorsing the teaching of CRT in schools, and the Yum! conglomerate has given money to the ACLU. The company is a member of the MCCA, indicating its focus on recruiting, retaining, and promoting employees based on race. America First Legal filed a letter with the EEOC requesting a civil rights investigation into Yum! Brands over discriminatory practices in hiring. Yum! Brands does not discriminate against charitable organizations based on views or beliefs, and the company has not used its political contributions for ideological purposes. For these reasons, Yum! Brands earns a Medium Risk rating.

Shareholder Proposals

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ESG Category
Summary of ResolutionMgmt RecTotal Vote % in Favor
5/18/23SocialSOC Investment GroupAnnual Report on LobbyingAgainst41.40%
5/18/23EnvironmentalAs You SowReport on Efforts to Reduce Plastics UseAgainst36.50%
5/18/23SocialUnited Church FundsIssuance of Report on Paid Sick LeaveAgainst20.20%
5/18/23GovernanceNew York State Common Retirement FundDisclosure of Share Retention Policies for NEOs Through Retirement AgeAgainst0.00%
5/18/23SocialNational Center for Public Policy ResearchCivil Rights and Nondiscrimination Audit ReportAgainst0.00%

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