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Adriane M. Brown

Title: Board Member at American Airlines

Company Tenure: 3 years




Adriane M. Brown currently holds the position of Managing Partner at Flying Fish Management LLC in Seattle, Washington, where she has been in this role for five years.

Throughout her career, Adriane has been associated with several significant corporations, including American Airlines, KKR & Co., Axon Enterprise Inc., eBay Inc., Allergan Inc., Raytheon Technologies Corporation, Harman International, Intellectual Ventures Management LLC, Honeywell International, and Corning Incorporated. Her corporate affiliations have varied in duration, ranging from 2 to 19 years.

In addition to her corporate work, Adriane is also involved in various non-profit organizations, including the International Women’s Forum, MIT Civil and Environmental Engineering Visiting Committee, Washington Research Foundation, Pacific Science Center, and Jobs for America’s Graduates.

Adriane M. Brown holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Health from Old Dominion University.

Notably, Adriane has a history of political giving, contributing $2,900 to Republican causes and $233,510 to Democrat candidates.

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0% Democrat

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$1,083,736 Democrat

$179,400 Republican

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