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AJ Jones II

Title: Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, Public Affairs at Starbucks

Company Tenure: 2 years






AJ Jones II, serving as the Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer of Public Affairs at Starbucks, brings a wealth of experience in communications, public affairs, and business for the past 2 years. Holding a B.S. in Anthropology and Sociology from Iowa State University, an MPH from George Washington University, and an MBA from Queen’s University and Cornell University, Jones has demonstrated a commitment to education and a diverse skill set.

Jones has a robust professional background, having worked with notable organizations such as Vanda Pharmaceuticals, BCW Global, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Gilead Sciences, and Podesta Group. With a solid foundation in public affairs, he has played a pivotal role in shaping communication strategies for Starbucks.

In addition to his professional achievements, Jones is actively involved in various organizations, including Harvard University, Forbes, Page Society, Santa Clara University, The Economic Club of Washington D.C., Iowa State University, National Fair Housing Alliance, U.S. Soccer Foundation, Landon School, IR Magazine, National Investor Relations Institute, and Management Leadership for Tomorrow.

Furthermore, Jones has participated in the political landscape, making a significant contribution of $21,550 to Democrat-related causes and $850 to Republican related causes, as per available records. This underscores his engagement in civic participation and alignment with values that resonate with Democrat initiatives.

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0% Democrat

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$2,738,535 Democrat

$75,600 Republican

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