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David Leavy

Title: Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Warner Bros. Discovery

Company Tenure: 1 years




David Leavy has assumed the role of Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Warner Bros. Discovery for the past year, bringing his extensive expertise to the corporate landscape. With a brief yet impactful stint at CNN and a remarkable 22-year history at Discovery Communications, Mr. Leavy has played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of the media and entertainment industry. His dedication to corporate affairs is complemented by a distinguished background in public service, having served as the Chief Spokesman and Senior Director of Public Affairs for the National Security Council during the Clinton White House.

Beyond his corporate commitments, Mr. Leavy is actively involved in non-profit initiatives, contributing to the Motion Picture Association and the National Democratic Institute. Academically, he holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Government from Colby College. In the political arena, David has shown his commitment through substantial political giving, contributing a noteworthy amount of $311,705 to Democrat related causes.

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$409,718 Democrat

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