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Gerhard Zeiler

Title: President, International at Warner Bros. Discovery

Company Tenure: 5 years




Gerhard Zeiler, serving as the President of International at Warner Bros. Discovery, has accumulated five years of impactful leadership within the company. Prior to his current role, Mr. Zeiler held significant positions at Turner Broadcasting System Inc., Bertelsmann, RTL Group, ORF, RTL 2, and Tele 5, amassing a wealth of experience in the media and broadcasting industry.

Mr. Zeiler is a graduate with a degree in Psychology, Sociology, and Educational Studies from the University of Vienna. Beyond his corporate achievements, he served as the Austrian Government Spokesman for Chancellor Dr. Franz Vranitzky and Chancellor Dr. Fred Sinowatz. His contributions extend to involvement with various organizations such as the Austrian Ministry of Education and Arts, Austrian Institute for Occupational Research, Alpha Media Group Ltd., Ediradio SA, and Plus Productions SA. He has not made any political contributions.

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