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Gunnar Wiedenfels

Title: CFO at Warner Bros. Discovery

Company Tenure: 1 years





Gunnar Wiedenfels currently holds the position of Chief Financial Officer at Warner Bros. Discovery, contributing his financial expertise to the media and entertainment conglomerate for the past year. In his role, he has played a key part in shaping the financial strategy of the company. Gunnar’s professional background includes significant tenures at various organizations, including a four-year period at SAP, a global enterprise software and services leader, five years at Discovery Inc., a prominent global media company, a seven-year tenure at ProSiebenSat. 1 Media SE, a leading European entertainment network, and five years at McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm. These affiliations reflect his versatile experience across diverse sectors.

Gunnar Wiedenfels is academically qualified with a Diploma in Business Informatics from the University of Mannheim and a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship from RWTH Aachen University. He remains neutral on his political giving.

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$409,718 Democrat

$713,308 Republican

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