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Joseph M. Evangelisti

Title: Corporate Comms at JPMorgan Chase

Company Tenure: 38 years




Joseph M. Evangelisti is the Chief Communications Officer at JPMorgan Chase, boasting an impressive 38-year tenure. Based in New York, Joseph plays a crucial role in shaping and managing communications for the financial institution. Beyond his professional achievements, Joseph has been a trailblazer by courageously sharing his personal journey, coming out as a gay man. In his own words, “Coming out as a gay man at that time frightened me because being gay carried a large stigma — at least in my eyes.” His openness and courage contribute to fostering a more inclusive corporate culture at JPMorgan Chase.

Joseph holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia, showcasing his commitment to both academic and professional excellence. Actively engaged in civic responsibilities, Joseph has made significant political contributions totaling 44,050, as detailed on OpenSecrets and FEC.

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