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Lori Locke

Title: Chief Accounting Officer at Warner Bros. Discovery

Company Tenure: 1 years




Lori Locke has been the Chief Accounting Officer at Warner Bros. Discovery for the past year, leveraging her extensive expertise in accounting and finance. Over the course of her professional journey, Ms. Locke has held significant roles in various organizations, demonstrating her dedication to the media and entertainment industry:

Ms. Locke’s commitment to the sector is evident in her four-year tenure at Discovery Inc. and four years at Gannett. Her diverse experience includes contributions to Leidos for two years, a one-year engagement with Hilton Worldwide, two years at Deltek, and a decade-long commitment to AOL LLC. Early in her career, Ms. Locke spent five years at Deloitte, honing her skills in accounting and consulting. Academically, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Penn State University and is affiliated with the Media Financial Management Association. Beyond her professional endeavors, Ms. Locke actively engages in political giving, contributing $1,333 to Democrat related causes.

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$409,718 Democrat

$713,308 Republican

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