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Nabil Habayeb

Title: Sr. VP, GE President and CEO, GE International Markets at General Electric (GE)

Company Tenure: 3 years





Nabil Habayeb is Senior Vice President, GE, and President & CEO of GE International Markets (GEIM). He is responsible for leading GE across international markets outside Europe and North America. His focus is connecting the global scale of GE to build impact in strategic markets, strengthening stakeholder relationships in the geographies, supporting the development and execution of market business strategy, managing enterprise risk, and building a strong GE brand. Nabil is a GE veteran of over 40 years. Following a number of global assignments, he moved to GE’s regional headquarters in Dubai in 1996, where he held several positions covering the region for various energy-related divisions of GE. He joined the Corporate team in 2004 and has held a number of executive leadership roles since then. Nabil is passionate about promoting access to healthcare and education and is a champion of youth empowerment and the role of women in business leadership. He serves on the boards of INJAZ Al Arab, the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington (AGSIW), the Arab Forum for Environment and Development, and the US–UAE Business Council. He is also a trustee of the American University of Beirut. He ranks first on Forbes Middle East’s “Global Meets Local—Top 100 Executives in the Arab World” list. He also advises several boards of global companies.

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