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1792 Exchange CEO Daniel Cameron Statement on Tractor Supply Decision

June 28, 2024

Press Release: JDA Worldwide for 1792 Exchange
June 28, 2024

DAYTON, OH — 1792 Exchange CEO Daniel Cameron released the following statement on Tractor Supply’s decision to shift its corporate policies and practices back to neutral.

“I applaud Tractor Supply for returning to the business of business. This consumers-centered approach is the path forward for our corporate community. 1792 Exchange stands ready to help companies join this corporate cultural revolution and refocus on sound business principles, like producing high-quality products and offering the best services.”


After weeks of backlash and criticism, Tractor Supply announced plans to rein in its nonbusiness activities and realign corporate initiatives to better reflect its customers, communities, and employees.

Earlier this month, Cameron warned America’s largest, most profitable companies about the risks of continuing radical political activism. Cameron’s letter encouraged Fortune 1000 business leaders to backpedal from divisive and controversial social commitments.


1792 Exchange is a 501(c)(3), educational, non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve freedom by steering public companies back to neutral on ideological issues. They create Spotlight Bias Reports, policies and resources that expose coercion and corporate bias. They protect First Amendment freedoms and ensure all viewpoints have a seat at the table. They help corporate board members and executives maximize shareholder value, respect stakeholders, return to cultural neutrality, and serve customers with excellence and integrity. They also educate Congress, other leaders and the American people about the dangers of stakeholder capitalism to safeguard Free Exercise, Free Speech and Free Enterprise.

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