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McLean, Virginia
Banks, Diversified Financials

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Capital One scored a 100 on the 2023 Corporate Equality Index (CEI) from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a political stakeholder group. By complying with the HRC’s controversial demands, Capital One increases the risk of dividing employees, alienating customers and harming shareholders. The company covers transgender-related medical costs for its employees and their children and provides specific sexual orientation and gender identity-based benefits. It also uses sex and gender ideology criteria in employee recruitment, vendor selection, marketing, and philanthropic support. Capital One forces employees to undergo multiple ideological trainings and uses its reputation, corporate funds, and political influence to support controversial sex and gender ideologies, organizations, and legislation. Capital One is a signatory of the Gender & Diversity KPI Alliance, appearing to prioritize diversity over merit in its business structure through the establishment of gender and racial targets for its leadership composition and its support of DEI in its hiring and promotions. The company is a corporate partner of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Capital One funds multiple LGBTQ organizations. The company opposed various state and local legislation intended to protect parental rights, girls’ sports, bathroom facilities, and gendered spaces. Capital One is a bronze partner of PFLAG. The company denounced various states’ legislative efforts to protect election integrity and security. Capital One is a member of the MCCA, indicating its focus on recruiting, retaining, and promoting employees based on race. The company has donated to the Equality PAC and has lobbied for the Equality Act. Capital One signed an amicus brief in opposition to the 2016 North Carolina bathroom bill HB2, which required people to use the bathroom of their biological sex. For these reasons, Capital One receives a High Risk rating.

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Board Bias

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CEO of Capital One

Richard D. Fairbank

Richard D. Fairbank


Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, Capital One is a member of the Fortune 250 operating in the Diversified Financials industry. Richard D. Fairbank and Richard D. Fairbank serve as CEO/President and Chairman, respectively, leading the company’s C-suite executive team and the board of directors. Amongst these teams, the collective leadership is responsible for $66,304 to Republican causes and $117,529 to Democratic causes. Under their tenure, Capital One currently holds a 'High Risk' risk rating.

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Shareholder Proposals

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ESG Category
Summary of ResolutionMgmt RecTotal Vote % in Favor
5/22/24GovernanceJohn CheveddenImprove Clawback Policy for Unearned Executive PayAgainstN/A
5/22/24EnvironmentalThe National Center for Public Policy ResearchFinancial Statement Assumptions and Climate ChangeAgainstN/A
5/22/24EnvironmentalThe Comptroller of the State of New YorkReport on Feasibility of Integrating Climate-Related Measures into the Company’s Compensation PlansAgainstN/A
5/2/24EnvironmentalThe Comptroller of the State of New YorkStockholder Proposal Setting of Near- and Long-Term Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction TargetAgainstN/A
5/2/24SocialNational Center for Public Policy ResearchReport on Respecting Workforce Civil LibertiesAgainstN/A
5/2/24GovernanceUnited Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of AmericaDirector Election Resignation Bylaw ProposalAgainstN/A
5/11/23EnvironmentalStewart TaggartShareholder Proposal regarding climate change risk analysis.Against0.00%
5/24/23GovernanceJohn CheveddenShareholder Ratification of Excessive Termination PayAgainst6.10%
5/24/23EnvironmentalNational Center for Public Policy ResearchEstablish Committee on Decarbonization RiskAgainst1.50%
5/4/23GovernanceJohn CheveddenSimple Majority VoteAgainst66.00%
5/4/23SocialComptroller of the City of New YorkRequesting a Board Skills and Diversity MatrixAgainst43.90%
5/4/23SocialThe National Center for Public Policy ResearchReport on Board Oversight of Risks Related to DiscriminationAgainst0.90%
5/17/22GovernanceJohn CheveddenSpecial Meetings - Reduce Ownership Req. to 10%Against37.94%
5/17/22SocialSteven MilloyChild Labor AuditAgainst2.90%
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