Spotlight Bias Reports Overview

What are Spotlight Bias Reports?
1792 Exchange publishes Spotlight Bias Reports to shed light on corporate activism and to counter stakeholder capitalism. These Reports support 1792 Exchange’s mission to preserve freedom by steering public companies back to neutral on ideological issues. We equip small businesses, non-profits, shareholders, employees, board members, executives, suppliers, customers, and legislators with the knowledge they need to help companies conduct business, not politics. Click on one of the Spotlight Bias Reports below to view the risk rating of a company (Corporate Bias Ratings), upcoming and past shareholder proposals (Proxy Voting), and a peek behind the curtain of top executive leadership inside Fortune 250 companies (Board Bias).

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Board Bias

Disclaimer: The information contained in these reports, ‘Corporate Bias Ratings’ and ‘Proxy Voting,’ is intended for educational purposes only and does not constitute financial or investment advice. Click here for the full disclaimer.

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