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Cintas, a business service company, does not provide viewpoint protections for its employees. However, the company has not publicly terminated business relationships based on views or beliefs. Cintas provides specific sexual orientation and gender identity-based benefits. The company has not used its reputation or corporate funds for ideological purposes. Cintas does not discriminate against charitable organizations based on views or beliefs. For these reasons, Cintas receives a Lower Risk rating.

Shareholder Proposals

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ESG Category
Summary of ResolutionMgmt RecTotal Vote % in Favor
10/24/23SocialWarren Wilson College and Laird Norton Family FoundationA shareholder proposal regarding greater disclosure of material corporate diversity, equity and inclusion dataAgainst27.60%
10/24/23EnvironmentalJohn CheveddenA shareholder proposal regarding managing climate risk through science-based targets and transition planningAgainst23.56%
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