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Christiana Smith Shi

Title: Board Member at United Parcel Service (UPS)

Company Tenure: 5 years





Christiana Smith Shi has been a Board Member for Columbia Sportswear Company since 2022, a Founding Member, Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East Women Build CREW for Habitat for Humanity since 2019, a Board Member and Chair, Operations Committee for Habitat for Humanity International since 2019, a Member of the Board of Directors for UPS since 2018 as well as Founder and Principal for Lovejoy Advisors, LLC since 2016. Prior to this, Shi was a Member of the Board of Directors for Willaims-Sonoma, Inc from 2017-2019, a Member of the Board of Directors for Mondelez International from 2016-2023, President, Direct-to-Customer for Nicke Inc. from 2013-2016, VP/GM, Global Digital Commerce for Nicke Inc from 2012-2013, Member of the Board of Directors for West Marine from 2011-2017, VP/COO, Global DTC from 2010-2012, Director for McKinsey & Company from 1986-2010 and an Associate for Merrill Lynch & Company from 1981-1984.

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$72,004 Democrat

$594,700 Republican

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