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David L. Calhoun

Title: President and CEO at Boeing

Company Tenure: 14 years




David L. Calhoun became the President and CEO of Boeing in January 2020 and has been a member of their board since 2009. Before Boeing, he was the Senior Managing Director and Head of Portfolio Operations at The Blackstone Group. Calhoun also held positions at Nielsen Holdings, serving as Executive Chairman from 2014 to 2016 and as Chief Executive Officer from 2006 to 2014. He began his career at General Electric, where he spent 26 years in various roles, including Vice Chairman and President and Chief Executive Officer of General Electric Infrastructure, in addition to holding various positions in operations, finance, and marketing. Calhoun currently serves on the Board of Directors for Caterpillar, Inc., and King (Cayman) Holdings Ltd. He is also a member of the Greater Washington Partnership and The Business Roundtable, and serves on the Pamplin Advisory Council at Virginia Tech.

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