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Ernie Herrman

Title: President, CEO, and Board Member at TJX Companies

Company Tenure: 34 years


Ernie Herrman, a seasoned business leader, has been a Director at TJX for an impressive 34 years, contributing significantly to the company’s success from its headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts. Herrman’s extensive career includes pivotal roles at T.J. Maxx, Marmaxx, and HomeGoods. His directorship at TJX is complemented by his affiliations with T.J. Maxx, Marmaxx, and HomeGoods, demonstrating his deep involvement in the company’s various retail brands. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, Herrman is engaged in philanthropy, supporting the Save the Children Federation. For those interested in exploring his political contributions further, his profile is available on OpenSecrets, and detailed information can be found on the FEC website.

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