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JB Perrette

Title: CEO and President, Global Streaming and Games at Warner Bros. Discovery

Company Tenure: 1 years




JB Perrette assumed the position of CEO and President of Global Streaming and Games at Warner Bros. Discovery a year ago, marking his leadership in this dynamic sector. With a career spanning over a decade at Discovery Inc., an extensive 11 years at NBC Universal, and significant roles at GE Capital and Credit Suisse, Mr. Perrette brings a wealth of experience to the media and entertainment industry. His contributions are not limited to this sector, as he has also played a role in licensing activities at DNI Licensing Ltd. and distribution endeavors at UK Programme Distribution Ltd.

Complementing his corporate achievements, Mr. Perrette holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy from Hamilton College. Actively engaged in political giving, he has contributed $11,400 to Democrat related causes.

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$409,718 Democrat

$713,308 Republican

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