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Leigh Hopkins

Title: Exec VP, Internationaol Strategy and Development and Regional CEO - Asia and Walmex at Walmart

Company Tenure: 14 years




Leigh Hopkins is the Executive Vice President of International Strategy & Development, and Reginal CEO of Walmart’s Asia Region and Walmex. Alongside his Walmart responsibilities, Mr. Hopkins serves on the Board of FlipKart and PhonePe. In 2011, Mr. Hopkins served in several roles in Walmart International’s Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategy, and Real Estate Functions. Mr. Hopkins started his career at Walmart in 2009 as the Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions. Prior to Walmart, Mr. Hopkins was a banker in London and Tokyo dealing with corporate finances, and mergers and acquisitions. Outside of corporate affairs, Mr. Hopkins serves on the board of directors at TheatreSquared in Arkansas.

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