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Nathaniel Brown

Title: Chief Corporate Communications Officer at Warner Bros. Discovery

Company Tenure: 1 years




Nathaniel Brown has been serving as the Chief Corporate Communications Officer at Warner Bros. Discovery for a year, bringing his wealth of experience to the organization. With roles spanning several influential organizations, Nathaniel’s professional journey includes significant positions in the media and entertainment industry and strategic communications:

Throughout his career, Mr. Brown has contributed to Discovery Inc. for three years, 21st Century Fox for six years, MTV Networks for three years, XM Satellite Radio for three years, Sony BMG for five years, Hachette Filipacchi Media for one year, and Dan Klores Communications for four years. In addition to his professional background, Mr. Brown holds a Bachelor of Arts from Hamilton College. Beyond his work, he actively engages in political giving, contributing $5,400 Democrat related causes.

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Corporate Affiliations:

0% Democrat

0% Republican

0% Independent


$409,718 Democrat

$713,308 Republican

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