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Rady Johnson

Title: Chief Compliance, Quality and Risk Officer, Exec VP at Pfizer Inc.

Company Tenure: 9 years





Rady Johnson is Executive Vice President and Pfizer’s Chief Compliance, Quality and Risk Officer. Rady was Chair of the IFPMA Ethics & Business Integrity Committee and Chief Ethics & Compliance Officers Roundtable from 2020-2022. At Pfizer, he has overall responsibility for the company’s global compliance program, Regulatory Quality Assurance organization, global security program, and Office of the Ombudsman. Since joining Pfizer in 1994, Rady has led the Regulatory Law practice group as well as the Corporate Regulatory and Healthcare Law Audit functions, established the Legal Division’s Global Products Counsel practice group, and served as Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel for the innovative segments of Pfizer’s Worldwide Biopharmaceuticals Business.

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