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Vinita Clements

Title: Chief HR Officer at Nationwide

Company Tenure: 20 years




Vinita Clements currently holds the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Nationwide, based in Columbus, Ohio, with a tenure of 20 years. Her corporate affiliation includes experience with AT&T for approximately 10 years.

Acknowledged for her contributions, Clements played a pivotal role in Nationwide achieving a score of 100 on the HRC’s Corporate Equality Index, as reported on the company’s news platform ( In 2023, she was named to the Diversity Woman Elite 100 and expressed plans to introduce more diversity strategies in the office (

Outside her corporate role, Vinita Clements serves as a Board Trustee for the National Urban League and Columbus Symphony Orchestra. She is an advisory board member for Catalyst, Ohio State University Fisher Leadership Initiative Corporate Advisory Council, a previous board member of Ohio Foundation for Independent Colleges, and a charter member of the National Advisory Council for On Our Sleeves, the Movement for Children’s Mental Health.

Clements holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communication from Wright State University. No information is available regarding specific political affiliations or contributions to either Republican or Democrat causes.

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