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1792 Exchange updates 1,000 companies on its ‘Corporate Bias Ratings,’ adding their latest DEI commitments to HRC

January 23, 2024

Updates also include whether companies defer to HRC on human resources, marketing, and political advocacy

Press Release: JDA Worldwide for 1792 Exchange
January 23, 2024

DAYTON, OH — In light of new information published by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), an activist group, in its latest annual Corporate Equality Index (CEI), 1792 Exchange has published new updates to the Spotlight Report on Corporate Bias Ratings (CBR). As a result of this major update:

  • 558 companies earned 100% on the 2023 CEI and a “High Risk” rating on CBR.
  • 573 companies downgraded to “High Risk” because their CEI commitments impact their core business practices.
  • 755 companies that participated in the CEI are rated High Risk.

Some companies that scored high on the CEI have already faced discrimination lawsuits, including Target, CVS, Alaska Airlines, Starbucks, and Macy’s. Dozens more have received complaints for potentially illegal DEI-related efforts.

For a company to receive a 100 on the CEI, it must:

  1. Recruit employees based on sexual identity.
  2. Discriminate against vendors who do not promote divisive sex and gender policies.
  3. Withhold donations from non-religious charities unless they embrace controversial gender identity policies.
  4. Mandate employees attend multiple, controversial trainings on gender identity, sexual orientation, transgender issues, and divisive racial ideology.
  5. Provide gender transition guidelines to its employees and a specific benefits guide with a comprehensive explanation of transgender services funded by the company.
  6. Market or advertise based on controversial sexual issues.
  7. Pledge philanthropic support of at least one organization or event that promotes sex and gender ideology.
  8. Cover transgender-related costs for its employees and their children, including paid short-term leave, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, chest surgeries, genital surgeries, medical visits and lab monitoring, travel, and lodging, while excluding detransition procedures.
  9. Publicly advocate for controversial sex and gender ideology through local, state, or federal legislation or initiatives.

“With over 2,600 companies rated in our database, we continue to ensure it is updated with information that is useful to shareholders, non-profits, conservative-owned businesses, suppliers, and current or prospective employees,” said 1792 Exchange CEO Daniel Cameron. “HRC has used its CEI to present a narrative that if companies aren’t receiving a rating of 100, then they are discriminatory actors. This is not true. In reality, HRC’s CEI demands that companies make business decisions that may sacrifice their core mission: supplying high-quality goods and services to all customers. Any public company that concedes critical operations, marketing, human resources, and lobbying decisions to a controversial activist organization demonstrates governance issues. Americans should be alarmed by these scores and register their concerns with their financial advisors, 401(k) administrators, and directly to the companies.”

The Spotlight Report: Corporate Bias Ratings is an assessment tool that rates corporations on the likelihood that they may cancel or deny services to individuals, businesses, and non-profits for ideological reasons. This free resource helps organizations understand their vulnerability and likelihood of being denied service by their vendors, including banking, IT, insurance, and more, due to their religious, ideological, or political beliefs.

To view the Corporate Bias Ratings, visit

Correction 1/24/24: Due to an accounting error, the numbers of companies downgraded to “High Risk” and the total number companies that participated in the CEI that are also rated High Risk were revised.

1792 Exchange is a 501(c)(3), educational, non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve freedom by partnering with allies to steer public companies back to neutral on ideological issues. They create Spotlight Bias Reports, policies and resources that expose coercion and corporate bias. They protect First Amendment freedoms and ensure all viewpoints have a seat at the table. They help corporate board members and executives maximize shareholder value, respect stakeholders, return to cultural neutrality, and serve customers with excellence and integrity. They also educate Congress, other leaders and the American people about the dangers of stakeholder capitalism to safeguard Free Exercise, Free Speech and Free Enterprise.

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