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1792 Exchange updates its ‘Spotlight Report: Corporate Bias Ratings’ with 250 new company ratings, totaling 1,250 companies rated on likelihood of canceling customers for religious, political views

May 3, 2023

Updates also include data on corporate headquarters locations for all companies in their database and a quarterly review that incorporates recent news and rating changes

DAYTON, OH — 1792 Exchange has published new updates to the Spotlight Report on Corporate Bias Ratings. This includes:

  • New reports on 250 companies rated for likelihood to cancel clients or deny services
  • The corporate headquarters locations for all 1,250 companies in their database
  • Subsidiary information for companies with affiliated brands or wholly owned subsidiaries
  • Relevant information from The Claremont Institute’s BLM Funding Database
  • A quarterly review that incorporates news and changes for companies already in their database

The Spotlight Report: Corporate Bias Ratings is an assessment tool that rates corporations on the likelihood that they may cancel or deny services to individuals, small businesses, and non-profits for ideological reasons. This resource helps organizations understand their vulnerability and likelihood of being denied service by their vendors, including banking, IT, insurance, and more, due to their religious, ideological or political beliefs.

“Since we first published the database, our Corporate Bias Ratings have proven useful to shareholders, non-profits, small businesses, suppliers and current or prospective employees who want to learn if they may be discriminated against for their point of view,” said 1792 Exchange President Paul Fitzpatrick. “We are constantly improving and expanding our research into these 1,250 companies, responding to requests for new companies, and receiving stories from individuals that have, unfortunately, been canceled. We will always believe stakeholder capitalism and the weaponization of corporations to push ideological agendas harm shareholders, employees, customers and our economy. Our goal of restoring freedom and a level playing field in corporate America will remain our top priority. The resources we provide are essential for American consumers and small-business people, and as we learn more about each company, users will find scorecards updated regularly.” 

Since the Spotlight Report launched in January, representatives from public companies have reached out to 1792 Exchange to confidentially discuss how they can improve their Corporate Bias Rating.

Recent additions to the Corporate Bias Ratings include:

To view the full Spotlight Report, visit Those who have faced cancellation or denial of service due to ideological discrimination, or witnessed others enduring this bias, can publicly share their stories on social media using the hashtag #canceledtoo. If such individuals still fear retribution, they can also register their experience privately here.

CONTACT: JDA Worldwide for 1792 Exchange | [email protected] | 615-473-0794

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