Grading Criteria

Companies are evaluated using six criteria:

  1. Has previously denied service to customers, suppliers, or vendors based on their political or religious beliefs or affiliations OR corporately boycotts, divests, or sanctions regions, people groups, or industries.
  2. Charitable giving (including employee matching programs) policies or practices discriminate against charitable organizations based on views or religious beliefs.
  3. Employment policies fail to protect against discrimination based on political affiliation/views and/or religion.
  4. Uses corporate reputation to support ideological causes and/or organizations hostile to freedom of religion or speech.
  5. Uses corporate funds to advance ideological causes, organizations, or policies hostile to freedom of religion or speech.
  6. Uses corporate political contributions for ideological, non-business purposes in a manner that threatens freedom of religion or speech.

Companies receive ratings on each criterion of “Lower, Medium, or High,” risk as demonstrated by the green, yellow, or red logos, respectively, and receive an overall rating with the same scale.

“High Risk” companies have generally canceled or denied business relationships based on viewpoint disagreements or pose a high risk of canceling people and businesses who do not share their views.

“Medium Risk” companies have generally demonstrated willingness to advance one-sided ideological agendas and lack policies preventing corporate discrimination against those who disagree.

“Lower Risk” companies have not terminated business relationships or denied services because of ideological disputes and generally respect or allow differing viewpoints, despite some potential limited advocacy or missing policy protections.

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Overall Grading Decision

Any company that has recently canceled customers/vendors/partners because of their views/beliefs is automatically given a High Risk rating.

  • Each High Risk rating = 2 points
  • Each Medium Risk rating = 1 point
  • Each Lower Risk rating = 0 points

Final Ratings:

  • 10+ points = High Risk
  • 5-9 points = Medium Risk
  • 0-4  points = Lower Risk

1792 Exchange reserves full discretion on final scoring, including prorated grades for companies with incomplete criteria.

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