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Vivendi, a mass media holding company, has not publicly terminated business practices based on views or beliefs. Vivendi is the parent company of a variety of media and advertising companies, including Havas, Gameloft, and DailyMotion. Vivendi formerly owned Universal Music Group and maintains a significant stake in UMG's ownership despite partially spinning out the organization in 2021. Vivendi is also a part of the Bollore family's holdings, as the family owns 30% of the company and Yannick Bollore serves as its CEO. Vivendi provides anti-discrimination protections, launched several ESG and DEI initiatives, and integrates diversity training for its employees. In addition, Havas has implied that the company will fund abortion-related travel costs for employees and is a member of the Global Alliance for Responsible Media. Vivendi has held benefit concerts and donated the proceeds directly to BLM. For these reasons, Vivendi receives a Medium Risk rating.

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