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Dana Walden

Title: Co-Chairman, Disney Entertainment at Walt Disney Co.

Company Tenure: 5 years




Dana Walden serves as the Co-Chairman of Disney Entertainment at The Walt Disney Company, contributing 5 years to the company. She currently serves on the board at Live Nation Entertainment and previously held various executive leadership roles at Fox Television.

Dana is actively involved in various non-profit organizations, including the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, Saban Free Clinic of LA, USC’s President’s Leadership Council, and the President’s Circle of the NAACP.

Educationally, Dana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Southern California. Her political contributions include a substantial amount of $689,457.86 to Democratic causes.

Political Contributions:





Corporate Affiliations:

0% Democrat

0% Republican

0% Independent


$2,832,319 Democrat

$908,840 Republican

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