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1792 Exchange has rated 3,000+ companies based on their divisive policies, actions, and cancelation of business relationships based on viewpoints or beliefs. To learn more click here .

  • Grading: Companies receive ratings on each criterion of Risk Level: Lower Lower Risk, Risk Level: Medium Medium Risk, Risk Level: High High Risk, and a corresponding overall rating. Learn more about our company grading criteria .

Companies are sortable according to specific public activism and commitments. These include:

  • Business Roundtable 2019 Stakeholder Capitalism Pledge: These companies signed the Business Roundtable’s so-called redefinition of the purpose of a corporation to prioritize nebulous stakeholders over shareholders. This commitment politicized corporations and empowered activists pushing radical policies on the environment, gender, race and more at the expense of shareholders.
  • 100% on the 2023-24 Corporate Equality Index: These companies earned a score of 100% on the 2023-24 Corporate Equality Index by voluntarily agreeing to all the Human Rights Campaign’s sex- and gender-based requirements that affect every facet of corporate governance: operations, recruiting, benefits, marketing, philanthropy, and political advocacy.
  • Net Zero Climate Alliances: These companies are committed to leveraging shareholder, investor and/or corporate assets and client funds to drive the net-zero emission goals and climate agenda of alliances, including GFANZ, Climate Action 100+, CERES, PCAF, UN PRI, NZLA, FIT, or HSCP.
  • Abortion Travel Payments: Companies provide a benefit package for employees which covers abortions and travel/lodging costs for an abortion.

Company reports and materials are intended for educational use only and use publicly available information. Ratings are reviewed and updated regularly. We encourage users to read the reviews and sources, not just the overall grade. Full Disclaimer .

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